Squid ink, reflection of my heart.

So, for those that know me, you know black is where it is at for me. For those that don’t know me, consider yourself educated on such matters.  Recently I have been obsessed with the idea of developing an all black dish, which has spiraled into an all black menu. So of course, squid ink has to be involved! Also what better way to start this bloggy thing than with a black dish.  Oh, maybe you were expecting bone marrow? Don’t worry, that will be coming soon.  Mmmm, marrow.

So, locating squid ink is fairly easy, you just need a good fish monger. I happen to love Monterey Fish Market in Berkeley and they are getting pretty used to me popping in and antagonizing them.  I was able to procure cuttle fish ink, which is essentially the same thing, from these masters of aquatic delights, for a fair price.  While I was there I also had to pick up a few lobsters, cause well, I just had too.

So cuttle fish ink tagliatelle was my project for dinner and I must say, what a fun way to spend the afternoon.  Making pasta is like taking a trip back to childhood, play doh factory anyone?

Yep, thats a blue egg.  Isn't she lovely?

Yep, thats a blue egg. Isn’t she lovely?



Oh yes, black.

Oh yes, black.



a great stress reliever, working the dough.

a great stress reliever, working the dough.pasta dough


ribbons of love



I served it with these guys all roasted with butter and garlic chives, simple and delicious.