Meat, it started with a head and feet.

Let me start with saying, I was once a vegetarian. Hell, I was vegan, macrobiotic and at one point I even tried eating raw.  Through all that I came around to the realization that, yes, I love animals, but I really love to eat them too.  So eat them I do! I do my best to source meat from people who actually give a damn about the welfare of animals and the way that farming effects our environment.  I try to eat outside the 3 main meats (in america at least), of chicken, beef and pork as much as I possibly can.  I eat the extra parts and believe wasting, above all, is a sin.

If you’re a vegetarian, great! I really have no problem with you, just keep your politics to your self and we will be just fine.  The people I have the most grievances with are the carte blanche meat eaters who squirm at the sight of blood, bones and the organs of animals.  Seriously people! Guess what? Nicely wrapped meat with no skin or bones creeps me out.   All meat was moving and looking at shit somehow before you bought it. You have lost touch with the natural world if this is how you want it to be.  You should just be a vegetarian, so you never have to feel bad about eating living things again.  When I met my husband I made it clear, if you can’t eat meat off the bone this isn’t going to last.

I’m not saying everyone needs to run out and kill their own meat, although I think it would be beneficial for the human race to actually connect with their food on a more real level, I just wish people could be more accountable for the impact they have in this world. Especially on our furry, feathered and scaled friends who can’t speak up.  So next time you see that whole fish with the head on, on a menu, don’t be a wimp, look your meal in the face and thank it for nourishing you.

So all that being said lets take a look at what I picked up at The Local Butcher in Berkeley California yesterday:

Head and feet still intact! Just the way I like it.

Head and feet still intact! Had to pose her, couldn’t help myself. Seductive chicken.