Big bird meet little bird

It all started with an emu egg.  So glorious in its aquatic toned speckles, it beckoned to me  and I was powerless to resist. I have a very special connection with Emu’s, this being the power animal of one of my favorite people on the planet. I had to make sure to take this product seriously, and well, not so seriously.  The balance of my relationship with my human Emu is just such.  We appreciate the vast and innumerable differences we have and yet these are the things that have kept us bonded and infatuated with each other over the years. Yes, I do refer to her as the Emu, please stop rolling your eyes.



First off, when dealing with an egg of this size you get to use power tools to open it. This is always a bonus for me! I debated with my culinary colleagues about the best process for opening this treasure and being the male dominated brains they are they opted for tools that would give me straight edges to work with.  Dremel was first choice for them but I opted for a simpler technique of drilling a series of holes and then just cracking it open to obtain a more jagged appearance in the finished product.  Now, what to make?  So much egg to deal with.

I ran through all the potentials in my head of mousse, baking a soufflé in the actual shell, poaching one giant egg… but when it came down to it pasta was the best choice.  Yes, another post about pasta.  Sorry.  Why pasta though? Cause what else would look more like a nest? and why not pair it with quail to add humor and tastiness to the project? So this silliness was born:

a posse of quails, chill in

a posse of quails, chillin, pre seasoning.

coriander grilled quails in and emu tagliatelle nest
coriander grilled quails in an emu tagliatelle nest

Now for the more serious side of this project.  Quail has always been a fond meat for me and pairing it with dark fruits like cherries or plums really makes me happy.  Here in Cali we are still months away from these fruits so I purchased dried santa rosa plums and soaked them for a few hours in a port wine bath.  I pulled the meat off the little birds, pureed the plums and mixed them together to stuff some emu raviolis and then finished the dish with a  sauce beurre blanc studded with port poached plums and garnished with fennel frond.

Emu egg ravioli stuffed with coriander grilled quail and port poached plums


human size portion

human size portion